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Would Yet I Won'T
UNM (Day's of The Past, Present, Future. / Southern United States)

Would Yet I Won'T

Poem By Uloia Norris Moore

To invade ones mind
think there thoughts
could you would you?

To make you something
that you are not
would you if you could?

To still your soul
of all of it's joy
it can be done
has been done
would you if but
to lift your hand?

To make a mind
whole safe and
sound you can
will you?

The fairest scent
whom to you
pref ere you to
smell I would
if I could blend
give to you
it would be so
done for you.

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Even if a person really makes the effort to be 'someone else'...they always remain the same. But, this is salvageable...that person can smooth the rough edges, polish that rough diamond that they really are(and don't know it) , rearrange tiny this and thats...and voila! A better person, not really a different person. Well, it made sense to me when I wrote it! xxElysabeth