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Would You
DS (29 june 1965 / newcastle under lyme)

Would You

Poem By dave sherratt

If I gave you my dispirited heart
Would you toil to make it mend?
Control this restless beat
Remove the bruises and deceit
That overpowered a weak defence

If I gave you my weeping heart
would you wipe away the tears?
Remnants of me remain
Restore my faith and trust again
And shelter me from my fears?

If I gave you my hurting heart
Would you ever let it die?
I ask you to cradle it this night
Caresed by a soothing lullaby
At peace, hush a bye, hush a bye.

If i gave to you my cheerless heart
Would you make it smile again?
Would you tell me that it is treasured
Shield it well, it is so precious
Would it be your bestest friend?

Would you care for my protected heart?
Keep it safe, neglect it, never!
Positioned where its safe and sound
Where only we know, it is found
Then it is yours

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I have just read gullibles travels and then this. what a spectrum of topics you have.you and your hands are talented. Are they insured? Are you married? joking This is just so beautiful.Its perfectly worded. i wish i wrote this. I shed a little tear. x