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Would You?

Poem By SkP Media

My dad gives money to billionaires
His kids work dead-end jobs, they ‘ain’t goin’ nowhere
Tried college three times, money not flowin’ in
Prostuting my rhymes now, cause Poetry’s not it
My mind gives in
Wondering where to begin
They say I got no education but plenty of so called sins
I’m about to blow y’all in until you know what happened
I got nothing to do today so I better start rappin’
Better pick up what’s happenin’.

Come on, there’s no time.
Even I’m spittin’ dumb rhymes
Trying to lift me from behind this crime
I call this life
This poetry’s for the poor
Enduring pain unlike before
Work to the end with no rewards
Forced to shop stores we can’t afford
Let’s do the math before igniting this twelve-gauge heart attack.
$960.00 a month at $5.15
$600.00 for rent with a little in-between
$200.00 for bills, I hope you don’t have kids
You can’t afford them dawg, they need to be killed
It’s the humane thing to do
Wouldn’t you want that if this was

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