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Would You Be My Valentine

Would you be my Valentine
W. Faye Berkheiser
Valentine's day came again but I am blue
No one there for me to say I love you
It's the day for lover's delight
Day to share flowers, poems, candy, all day and night
Daughter, wife, sweetheart, mother, love ones far and near
Day to say I love you and I care
My love I will share
I miss Mother Mamoni, long ago she passed on
My love for her will never die, will rise with every dawn
She was my sweetheart since I was a little boy
I gave her lots of hug and she gave me toy
Left her back home for a Rainbow and a Dream
Came to this new world, a land of supreme
Lonely heart, night is dancing, mind is in memory lane
Would you be my valentine? I am sad, I am in pain

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