KS (12/14/1992 / Colorado)

Would You Care?

would you care if i was dead or alive?
would you care if i was crying or had a broken heart?
would you care to make me smile when i was down?
as i sing my sad song i think of what ive missed
i think of what ive let go of and lost
you were one and i miss u dear
i would beg and plead
i know i know its to late for that
i give up and think about what could have been
as i cry these tears for you i think of us and what we've been through
i think back to the day we met and cry and sob because i forget
i learned to love and ive learned to hate but now i just cant even date
i knew u were the one but i let u go
i just want u back to say goodbye
ive done it once ive done it twice but this time i wont let go
i wont make do and get by on life
the images in my head with u and her i want to die
becasue i cry i know i care
i know u smile cuz ur not there
i dim the lights no no one sees
i cut my wrist and i watch me bleed
i know im still alive because the blood is red
why cant i just die so im happy to
this place called home is my hell
theres still a place i can tell
its in my heart is where ull be
i still love you always and forever

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Kendra this is romantically sad, like Romeo And Juliet. It is too bad that people today turn to cutting to ease other pains. But there is another way tho. That way is what you have done here. Write about it. Instead of cutting, write about the hurt, I know from where I speak, Kendra, because when I was younger I was tortured by others I was forced to lived with, as well as a few staff members. And yes I tried to commit suicide, but was caught each time. So I vowed never to hurt myself physically, but write about what injustices human beings are capable of against other human beings. I have felt your pain in writing, and I know where it comes from; a caring heart that has been hurt. Keep writing girlfriend, and you get a 10 from me. Hugs, Barbara