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Would You Do It?

Would you?
Could you?
Tell me that-
you know...

Would you dare?
If you thought,
That I might-
You know...!

If it meant a 'yes' or 'no',
Would you do it?
'Cause chances are-
If you did...

You'd watch me go...

(1982 by Dee Daffodil H.W)

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Don't know why I hadn't seen this one before. It has a Dr. Suess feel, but with a much deeper meaning/tension/implication to it. -c
Well, there ya go, that wonderful creative mind at work yet once again. You go girl.---Melvina---
Ya I'll shut up don't go? dave
Well, I'd hate to see you go... soooo, I guess I wouldn't. Cool poem, Dee! ! Brian
Yeah, knowing me I probably would! Seriously though, great poem - a masterful use of language. Hugs Anna xxx
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