Would You Do It?

Would you?
Could you?
Tell me that-
you know...

by Dee Daffodil Click to read full poem

Comments (10)

Don't know why I hadn't seen this one before. It has a Dr. Suess feel, but with a much deeper meaning/tension/implication to it. -c
Well, there ya go, that wonderful creative mind at work yet once again. You go girl.---Melvina---
Ya I'll shut up don't go? dave
Well, I'd hate to see you go... soooo, I guess I wouldn't. Cool poem, Dee! ! Brian
Yeah, knowing me I probably would! Seriously though, great poem - a masterful use of language. Hugs Anna xxx
You have placed the reader in the middle of a quandry and the feeling came straight across to us, like a rocket, whoooooooosh great job 10, without fail Love Duncan x
FJR Jr says it all.....
Once again...amazing poem! Such few words but said so well... Love, Valsa
DEE...2 WORDS MY DEAR; YOU ROCK! ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''~F. J. R.~'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
Great read and a good interesting poem. Keep writing, Rissa: -)