Poem Hunter
Would You Know Me?
(11/26/1971 / New York)

Would You Know Me?

would you know my soul if you saw it?
its the one that wanders.
silently passing through the shadows

would you know my lips if you kissed them?
they are the ebullient lips that seductively smile
parting gently with wonder and abandon.

would you know my eyes if you saw them?
they are the dark pools in which you swim
helpless but not drowning.
they are the ones that show my desires
and passions.

would you know my arms if I held you?
the strong comforters, they hold the babies,
the laundry
the worlds pain
and everyones suffering hearts.

would you know my heart if you held it?
its is the delicate blown glass
fragile and stretched.
filled by life
emptied by love
wanting something in between.

would you know me if I came to you?
bare and open.
In need of desire
giving of all.
taking nothing in return.
unashamed, naked

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I thought it was beautiful