(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Would You Like Some Of My Popcorn?

Why are the people horrified?
And running about as if panicked?

'They are trying to find places to hide.
And none have a clue as to where.'

Hide from what?

'You must be from out of town?
Reality upon them has just been released.
They are attempting to escape from truth.'

Who are you?

'I was ostracized and shunned.
Many years ago.
Long before you were born.'

You seem to be unaffected by this.

'Are you kidding?
Everyone I've known...
Is in the midst of that.'

Why aren't you helping them to find the peace,
You seem to have.

'I tried.

After a bunch of name calling.
Backstabbing and all of that...
Eventually they completely ignored me.

In the beginning it was very painful.
But I healed and knew I was blessed.
At least 'something' happened to me...
To separate me from that mess.'

What are you doing now?

Forgive me.
Would you like some of my popcorn?
I just thought I would stop.
Check out the sights.
You know...
Do the nature thing,
Before I went home.'

I like it buttered.

'I made it myself.
The old fashioned way.'

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