CB (05/23 / Illinois)

Would You Love Me Any Less

If I told you my secret would you love me any less?
Would you dismiss me from your life
and make me have regrets?

Telling you the truth is what I really want to do,
but please remember this, it’s not a reflection on you.
They say what I am is a sin against God’s laws,
but I know He still loves me regardless of my many flaws.

Many people hate me for what I claim to be,
their fear and ignorance could be a danger to me.
In spite of all these obstacles that stand in my way,
I need to stop living this lie and tell you that I’m gay.

You may have suspected,
You may have had your doubts,
but do you love me any less
now that the truth is out.

Just as you would support me
on any life endeavor,
I hope you will support me now,
I need it more than ever.

Please try to understand that this is what I am.
It was very hard for me to confess,
but I need to know,
Do you love me any less?

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i like this...good write!