Would Your Carry Me Away

Poem By Jana Courville

I've walked away and now I'm lost
I've lost myself again
without you there to guide me through
I dont know what I'm supposed to do
everytime my mind starts wandering
it always wanders back to you
I'm cold, I'm scared, and I'm lonely
now that your not here
would you find me please?
would you carry me away?
would you help me when I'm lost?
or will I have to keep walking away?

Comments about Would Your Carry Me Away

It is great to see your love of poetry. This poem has potential, but as it is here, it has very little to say. Consider answering some of the questions: what have you walked away from, or, why is this guide important? Create some images that can be visualized in the imagination of your reader. Also, edit your spelling and grammar more carefully. Poetry is a careful, revisionist craft.

2,4 out of 5
4 total ratings

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