Wouldn'T Tremendous Be Greater Than Fantastic?

An ego once unleashed,
Releases an exposed insecurity.
And accepts the limitation of praise given to it,
As an acknowledgement to something witnessed...
That will be condoned forever.
But egos eventually fizzle to do a dropping as flops.

'You must be talking about yourself? '

Are you kidding?
I'm too fantastic to have a limited ego.
I am greater than that.
I let my ego do a dropping that flopped,
Many years ago.

So you are 'that' tremendous? '

I did NOT say tremendous.
I said...
There is a difference in the limits,
You know.

'Wouldn't tremendous be greater than fantastic? '

You don't have to twist my arm.
I am 'not' one to argue with someone who knows.
You win.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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