Wounded And Perceived Defeated

No battle has ever been won,
Against a people armed...
And supplied with ignorance.
To defend it.
There is no other weapon,
Made to create...
To stop its devastation.

Left wounded and rumored,
To have been defeated...
Common sense abandons,
Every intent meant...
For clarity and understanding.
And leaves to hear cheers,
From those declaring it...
The loser.

Celebrating again,
Another victory suffered...
Are the ones reminicsing,
Their continued pain.
Delighting what for them,
Remains unchanged.

I know my question,
May sound redundant.
Who are the 'victors'?
Which ones have lost,
To validate this celebration? '

-Isn't it obvious?
It should be.-

'This doesn't make,
Any sense at all.'

You had me worried.
I thought you were a reporter.
Trying to find some.-

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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