Wounded Heart

Poem By Gaurav Arora

She never cared about me, , , ,
But I think the sweetest of all girlz
was she, , ,

She forgot that I too have a heart,
Although it was always busy in
loving her....

Every time she told me that I've
But I am still there living with her
name and loving her the same.....

all the stars appearing so dull and sour,
Its a moon in her that I am
searching for, , ,

Happiness is running angry wid me & playing a spanish war,
It's my life in her that I am searching for, , , ,
There's a crowd around me all the time shouting encore,
It's only her enchanting voice that I am searching for, , ,

My life is like a path that lost its door,
It's she my destination that I am searching for, , , ,

I don't know what it is that I have lost like a peacock ore,
May be its 'me' in she that I am searching for.......

So, if I love 'YOU' a little more that I should do,
Bcz I just wanna spend my life with 'YOU'.....

Remember, somebody is waiting for
'YOU' and will always do.......

Comments about Wounded Heart

good.............u done graet job......
This is good! Nice job!
Hope she comes to you and say the same to you

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