Wounds Unhealed

The issue of race...
Ignored and left unexplored,
Will not erase what has taken place.
Or not being able to face its destructiveness...
With an openness,
Without discussing it!
Leaves those inflicted by it at a disadvantage.

And pretending in these complex days,
As we allow a devalued standard of life fade away...
Is as absurd,
As this nation of mixed and blend people living on this Earth...
All spinning in a whirlpool of a disturbing votex,
Crumbling quicker than the foundation of its strengths.

Slipping further into a darkness of pretense,
To hide the sickness of its wounds unhealed!
And the basis of its ultimate destruction.
Such a pitiful absolution of a divine gift given!
To uphold steadfast to this ignorance is not bliss.
Just a recurrence of missed opportunities!
Humanity lives to witness it.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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