Wrap Your Arms Around A New Beginning

When the time comes...
And an emotion invites a tear?
Let that 'thing' drop.
Don't stop it!

If it should bring a family,
Ready to pour more upon your heart,
With buckets...
Don't fight it,
Let go.
Knowing a cleansing is about to start!

There is no need to pretend,
Something painful that hurts...
Is better to hold inside,
To show you are brave!
Don't drive yourself crazy.
Go with that flow!
Let go.
Let that madness end.

Remove the clouds,
Of a sorrow that is saved.
Let the sunshine in.
Throw away a self sacrifice you gave!
Just know...
You can pave your own way,
On a road to a joy deserved!
Wrap your arms around a new beginning...
And live a happiness that is craved!
Bestow yourself with loving days!
Let go...
And let them begin!
Make a choice to smile and grin.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Point well taken. Your words are full of wisdom. Great poem and thoughts.