Wrapped In Heaven

The characteristic of topical physics-related
the big brass knows
and Copulation is to screwed how we mix.
Permeation of the kind which when preceded
is sufficient four play,
Coitus is to graves, 'do to spread conjugates
a kind dense forest and do not to please
and pass the companions plate bald peaks.
Cohabitant and love do to make dead our last work
laying out rigor mortis she died a murderd death.
One' Edge of one' of each manufacturer; new day
to breath one last time.
At the end of one rope hides the bucket of life/her kicking
man, 'the methodological ends, she meet's halfway.
Happily exchanging the crash to change the flowing robes
which when run by the farm, 'so it does for both,
what both thought to do to buy the illusion that it does
abandon the cliff at the top, 'wrapped in heaven.

by James McLain

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