Wrapped In My Old Battered Coat

Wrapped in my old battered coat,
I am knocking at your door.
It's a dark night. Please, don't scold me.
Let me in, my Love, my God.

I have wandered, I have gone through
Hills and mountains, and woods.
Take me home and let me love you
With all my heart and my tools.

Look at me. I'm standing here.
Sing with me as you did once.
We are love now. And it's clear
That the sun of us will rise.
26/12/2017 (tr.)

by Saniya Galeyeva

Comments (3)

i am sure the deeper essence and beauty of the poem will be better appreciated in the original... still the translation is very nice and is an ardent religious rendering. liked
God is Love for everyone No matter one is rich or poor Old or young ......nice work.
Saniya, such a heartwarming poem👍👍👍