Wresting The Antlers On The Wall '98

Poem By Wilkins Driver

train station, its got a few explanations to show
the finger splinters pushin out of the depot
knuckles bare and truffles from shoveling the snow
i hope it starts solving on its own
a quarantined temple had a liscense revoked
oh the cautious level themes who agravatley appease the instalation of a soul, the killers got a throne
and hes parking in my garage
his followers bring him in on a stool
i outdrank the fool till he bleed severely
out his nose he couldnt breathe when i stole an apology
from my own hotel clone
the basement records i dont own
were shocked and spreading out my lean parabols
intelligency agents getting sold to the warfare on the street
the clocks are naming faces every time they meet
turn it off my brother and turn it on you leper
steadily i fall through the plastic corridor
while delta airplanes cruise on an anticipated shore
warnings of a massacre the sky who followed God
as its surpasser the conscious state of being active
intricately causing favors to the unknown person in front now,
now is then and now was when the earth had a dream to be created
but first off this question was awaken
by the forcefed mouths of havens
gods put in place of animals who just make regards
i do the same but cant seem to name them
the town it seems to me to be an avalanche on the way
its coming for us below the crust of our eyelids
the people in the century are worried about the fossils like their coffins
this is where we have came from well one thing i gotta tell you all
is that your wrong way too often
the answer here is being written
in what we call a fixation
we've eaten too many apples
and the sound begins to age us
ohh well what are these contents
extra baggage from the cloud that hit the ground
it mixed up all of history
so were stupidly counting angles
the wind just shakes them down and starts to betray us
lets forget the dreams of history-
the darkness swallows abnormality to the touches of gluttony
we want more of what i just want to know? laughs!

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