Put It All To An End

i sit in a dark room
no light let in
i get a erge from deep within
to just put it all to a end

nowhere to run
nowhere to hide
it ends right here
with a pistol by my side

ive been told im worthless
ive been told im no good
i never though i would do this
but i think i should

i reach for the pistol
load it and cock it
put it to my head
put it all to a end

by aaron johnson

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They look at their wrinkles. The ones who are single attribute their wrinkles to being single. The ones who are married attribute their wrinkles to being married. ................. They trade the names of plastic surgeons like recipes. ........ They love their wrinkles. If only their were deeper they could hide.
Hi Ms. Erica Jong good evening.. I'm Mariessa Retuya from Philippines a 3rd year student at University of Cebu Lapu-lapu and Mandaue taking up Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education specializing English and one of my course for this semester is Literary Criticism. In line with this, I would like to ask your permission to allow me to use your poem entitled WRINKLES as a material on the said course because I found your poem interesting and nice, and this would be a great help for us students. Your possible response with this message would be of great help, thank you and god speed ;)
the best poem ever! I gave it to my mum because she is always whining about her wrinkles where as I believe they are more a map of your life, and she has had a beautiful life!
So much truth here. Interesting.