No one will ever love you like I do,
Care, cherish, and have memories like we do,

But now you're gone, what to do with life,
When all I hoped before was for you to be my wife,

You threw me away like I was trash,
Yet, I still think that we could last,

But, you will forever remain with me in my heart,
No matter where and when, never apart.

June 23,2010

by Wilson Truong

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This is a simple, but very creative poem and I may have given it a 9 but it was so simple in its content that the substance of the poem is insufficient to warrant a 9. Otherwise, this is a true poem in every sense of the word. The writer is very skilled and I shall take not of her. Greenwolfe 1962
Nicely thought out piece, flows well..great job best wishes Jon