(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Write Notes To Your Kids

I wrote an article for Woman’s World
It was quite a few years ago
The article was about parenting
I thought you might like to know

When my son was just a little boy
And his daddy died so young
I found a way to communicate
The blackboard was where it began

It was in my little office where
I could write a note and walk away
My little boy wrote back to me
Little thoughts we’d find to say

But the point was we were able
To say things we wouldn’t say
To each other in our own way
And we’d write them every day

“Hello, Mom, I love you.”
“My son, I love you too”
This went on for several years
Then our lives changed and life was new

I remarried and it was difficult
For my boy was then sixteen
With a step-father and high school
Life was feeling kind of mean

I once again wrote little notes
And slipped them into his room
And pretty soon he smiled again
Sunshine changed his gloom

So if you have a child, my friend
And there is sadness in his or her midst
Try what I did... it may work
Try writing notes to your kids!

by Marilyn Lott

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