Write On - Right On

I write on because the spirit moves me,
Therefore it’s the right thing to do,
I write and I get good and bad reviews,
Express whatever is right for you.

I do not write to please anyone,
Only what I feel is right in my heart,
To write is not taking the place of prayer,
But it is right for a place to start.

You read what scribes write in the word,
Knowing they were pointed in the right direction,
Spiritually chosen to write what they’ve heard,
With the right anointing of Godly affection.

Right or wrong you don’t decided,
But write, as the Holy Spirit is your guide,
Rely on God to choose what is right for you,
You will only be lead to write what is true.

It is not necessary to write in rhyme,
Only that you are right in line,
Just write what’s forward and not behind,
Trust the Lord to put the right thing on your mind.

Nothing left to write, no more left to say,
Right now it’s time to call it a day,
It’s not always necessary to write very long,
There's only a difference if the message is right on.

by Luke Easter

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good write! I agree with you. God Bless You.