AO (8/1/88 / Mission Viejo)

Writer's Block

Where did all go?
I’m stuck here with a writer's block
After you decide to wake me-
And I’m shut out from my dreams.
You tell me this is what I wanted.
And this is what I get-
Maybe I should have been more specific.
Now without an idea, without a moment, and without an inspiration-
You no longer keep my coal burning.
I'm freezing cold.
There’s no news on your disappearance
And I’m feeling a bit desperate- how f@#*ing pathetic.
I keep going with a low fire burning.
Let see how far I’ll make it this time—perhaps I’ll make it farther than you.

Where did it all go?
I’m stuck here with a writer’s block
And I refuse to touch the ground.
You tell me you’ll follow wherever it may lead us
And now you’re left behind.
This is what I get for telling myself that
‘Maybe you’re going to meet me on the other side? ’
Now without a sense of direction, without a map, and
Without any words to say…

I’m stuck here with a writer’s block,
Miss Little Cream Soda

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pure originality, very very nice I gave this a ten you might like my poem 'living green at the recycling center' or 'just to know you' Also check out my most recent 'Gianna's story'