PDC (June 7th / Toronto)

Writer's Block

Why is it gone?
Why can’t I write?
Where did all my creativity go?
Where are the characters that used to fill my mind?
Why aren’t they here with me?
Why don’t they come and fill my mind?
I used to imagine great battles
I used to see kingdoms rise and fall
All is gone
My imagination has faded away
My thoughts are nothing more than those of an animal
I care only for my surroundings and goings on
I want to return to those magical lands I once lived in
I see imagination everywhere
Everywhere except in my mind
Who stole this gift away from me?
Why this?
Why not take a body part?
My imagination was what got me through all the hard times
It kept me living
It gave me an escape
Now it is gone
With it all my friends
All my adventures

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It shall return, be patient, it happens to all of us.... The best of us I should say. Fustrating as it may be, dont ever forget, this is something inside of you that you were gifted with, no one can take that my friend... Bonnie