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Writer's Block
DHD (1965- / Glens Falls New York)

Writer's Block

Alas, I sit here before this pale white parchment
Staring off into space as if hypnotized by some unseen presence
Or as if watching some movie show in the back of my mind

Standing at the gates of forethought
An idea shudders to let itself be known
For I sit here waiting...debating

What word thought eludes me so
Why does my pen stand at the ready
Motionless like a soldier in formation waiting on his orders to come spewing forth

I cannot write
Cannot formulate the words
That my head so desperately needs for motivation

The silence
Silence like that of a dark mausoleum
Is finally broken

Broken by the sound of my pen
As it falls from my hand to the desk below
Maybe tomorrow
Maybe tomorrow

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