Writer's Cramp

Not only the muscles of the hand
his heart too got cramps
and the writing paper refused,
pen has hidden somewhere.

by nimal dunuhinga Click to read full poem

Comments (6)

Nimal, exasperation and desparation and the seeming end of things masterfully expressed. Thank you for the piece, and for dedicating it to one who has felt such things. t xxxx
What a beautiful poem..You gave yourself away in words without reservation. And the result is a very exceptional write. Warm regards, Sandra
What a heartbreaking predicament! You write the feelings so well - nearly cried myself...........sad, and very well said. Linda
Hey Nimal, that was great! Your getting better on writting poems. keep up the good work
I have not read poetry that expresses in this way before, I am sat back in amazement 10,10,10,10 across the board love duncan X
Oh! What a way to describe it! Nice poem!