VW (17-04-1969 / India)

Writer's Feel

Writer's Feel

Instead of
Cascading the
Tears through eyes…
Exploding the
Laughter through gullet…
Bombarding the
Anger through muscles…
Quivering the
Adoration through heart…
People write
Feel each pulse of it…
Then realize
Their strength.
A ‘Writer’s Feel’ in all.


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Vidi, This poem of your gave me the idea for my poem - 'Creative Writing ' - I just submitted. Thanks! -Raj Nandy
Yes, I am in agreement about a poet's feel and sensitivity! And when this gets translated into poetic language it does become great poetry! 10+ from Raj Nandy!
writers are like birds they always crying together to warn the society about the various dangers around, but who cares, A good poem 10.
Writer's have a sensitivity of course, and poets have an extrasensitivity that many creative people share. Nice to write about it.