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Writer's Feelings.
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Writer's Feelings.

I brought my pen to my lips,
And started inhaling,
Sucked in,
and in.
My lungs became barren of breath,
My flesh in exasperation, grasped the bones tightly.
But not a single dropp of ink, coloured my throat.
Thats Writer's Agony.

In the Buddha Posture i sat,
With pen and paper in hands.
I Thought,
and thought.
My mind
my soul
my senses
All got numb.
Pen and paper departed
And my head fell down.
Thats Writer's Pain.

An idea crept into my mind,
and smile swept over my lips.
Pen was dancing,
Paper was fluttering.
Both were dying for union.
Time came and kiss was the only distance,
but the nib broke.
That's Writers Cry.

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Comments (2)

Perhaps sometimes we are being called to read instead of always focusing on writing.
Brilliant. I've had many days like that.