SP (26-12-73 / india)

Writers Wish

Wish it were easier to write
some soul stirring songs
poignant, pondering and purposeful.

Wish the poet could mull and munch
on moments of great magnitude

Wish what is gurgled henceforth
holds the promise of a great mind

Wish things would just fall in place
thoughts were moulded into meaningful words

Poetry would then gain momentum
leaving the poet behind

Running its own course
mixing and matching up words

New connotations would arise
new thoughts would then spring forth

The world would be a better place to live
the human souls very incarnations of heavenly spirit

Wish such a day would come
when each soul on poetry feeds

Feeling for the rest, brute and the beast
and those frail delicate beauties of the earth

And those not blessed
but still owning their righteous place on earth

Work then together to bring that day to light
when love shall abound and truth spreads its wings.

by sreelekha premjit

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