A funny thing about the freedom of speech
For some people it's far out of reach
I open my mouth with words I need to say
But they just don't come out the right way

To say the words and explain how I feel
Is not as easy for me, nor as real
When people talk they don't seem to think
Words have more meaning, written in ink

A pen in my hand, words flowing easily
My thoughts on paper sets my mind free
So for me I think this is my best choice
Because sometimes writing is my only voice

by Bonnie Harding

Comments (8)

yes i love it...sometimes it hard to say by mouth...easily go through by pen, release everything but not hurting, no loud voice.it just a voice within we want to write...and because of that Bonnie, i can see ur writing written by emotion ink..wonderful yet colorful..because it sincere...Love it thanks for sharing! ; P
And your voice says it so well Bonnie, keep up the great writing! All the best, Diane
You truly put the wants and needs of a poet in perfectly harmonied words. Truly a joy to read. Thank you for your words. /Agnes
Our thoughts put into words make for wonderful pieces of poetry as you have written here. Thank you for sharing. May your heart always be filled with peace and joy each and everyday. Scott
WOW, Bonnie this is really great! You know wat to say and when to say it! I agree with everything! I have some put together.. I will post on here soon! I am glad that soembody understands the same thing that I do! I know its odd and you dont know me... But, I am Oliver Engle's neice... Red always came here to go hunting and things! ! Well, keep doing wat you do best! ! -♥ -Stephanie Renee Engle
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