Writing In The Shower

I wanted something
Eastern European, you know,
something portentous
in the best sense of the word,
but what I managed was
two lines of Southwestern
animal husbandry, half
a simile comparing
something wet to a teaser
stallion on a stud farm
& I was too busy
to mention the sow bugs
in the shower stall,
which echoed like a school
for famous readers.

by Jefferson Carter

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I wish someone tells me what this is all about? At least Mr.Carter! ! ! !
I enjoyed reading this poem, a shower of fine words
your lines here are truly awe inspiring!
nicely written, goes off then draws the reder in with a poetic meaningful line then continues the pattern. over all letting the reader think and muddle through the lines and message.
your poetic lines set down here and there, weaving a spiderweb of images in the corner of your shower stall. wonderful - -chuck
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