Writing Is A Sport

Writing is a sport of a different sort.
And approached with the same determination,
To accomplish until completed that task to succeed.
With a focus done others uninterested,
Would not accept to conceive it that difficult to be.

Since many perceive to write is easy, breezy and 'light'.
Especially if it is something they quickly read overnight.
And to do less in the time that it takes to create,
An image that comes to life with it left in their minds...
As if given breath to breathe those who read often find.

'Everything is so REAL,
Thought provoking,
Done to capture all of my emotions.
Achieved in just a few minutes.
How is that possible? '

~I read something,
Over and over again in just two minutes...
Only to feel a waste of my time.
But I will admit,
The title of it sat with me for months.~

'What was the title? '

~Writing Is A Sport.
And today I'm still thinking...
What 'sport' can I compare writing to? ~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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