Writing Is Not For Poor Minds

Don't, if you can't!
Writing is not for poor minds that seek popularity,
You must kill your mind seventy times seventy time if you really want to write and write and rewrite and write for people to read and comprend your writings.
You must get ready to be abused, criticised and paint
Black and white in the street by critics and pen lords.

You must get ready to watch the birds like a mad man who is in search of his lost identity in the street.
The birds must drive you to their nests to be mock at.
Then you learn more on how to look in the inside not outside of a thing, because inside lies the answers.
You must intoxicate yourself with words that matters
So that people will look at you like a ghost in human.

Counting of the sand is not exceptional in your art,
Soliloquizing is one of the games writers play to get
Going in the morning, always in the street.
You must get ready to move around with a jotter,
Visit places like the zoo and talk to the animals there.
The cars on the road must be your friend and in all,
Get wisdom and understanding in every experience.

You must expose yourself to thousand demons
That may torments your heart every night and day.
Then, you must also be ready to infect others with
Your perceptive and perception about life.
They must see what you are seeing through your eyes
You must convince them that there is no meaning to this meaningless world that we selfishly live in.

Writing is not for the poor minds in the street,
Write not for fame or money but write to inform.
Money and fame will come when you create ways
And people tends to store your names in their head.
Don't write if you can't because writers are not normal beings but they are the second to the gods.

(C) John Chizoba Vincent
Voice Of Vincent 2016

by john chizoba vincent

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Writers are not normal beings, they are the second to the gods. quite captivating. keep inking.