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Writing It Down To Make It Plain
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Writing It Down To Make It Plain

Poem By Patricia Rudolph

Life Seeker or Obituary Creator,
the Educator, the Orator, the Perpetrator.
Obituary Creators block a called ones way to add to the reading of their personal Eulogized Day.
From Politics to the Pulpits, favoritism, nepotism, I-ism,
In Legislation, Education, Congregation, to Social degradation.
The passion is not there, true desire, gift and talent is not there,
but the title you dare to bare.
Now you've reached death's door with that, I had to be obituary.
When you are dead and read and there is no more to be said, life goes on and the legacy went into the ground. Oh, but does it read, ' all of the backs that you stab the throats that you cut, the Spirits that you devour, ' JUST SO THAT YOU CAN BE.
So that you can be..., be... ALL THAT YOU WANT IS TO BE, in title,
name, vain, vain Glory of Self Nothingness at your Death Day.
To be more Adjectives and Nouns.
Where are the Verbs of Completeness?
Oh moving and shaking, and shaking and moving away,
that's right trembling and leaving the need for, the need for,
the need for US TO LIVE OUR OWN LIVES.
Life Seekers do not hinder, assisting without defame or shame,
understanding that the polish of the background is the cause for the shine of the forefront to be so profound.
Seeking a better tomorrow, Today.
Striving for the high ground where snakes cannot survive.
Possessing a knowing mind of the Divine, a caring heart,
a yielding Spirit, a willing hand.
Seeking life according to the Divine purposed plan.
Seeking life's freedom, seeking freedom, living free for the purposed plan designed and assigned. CAN..WE..LIVE..OUR..OWN..LIVES?
Being ourselves, living life and not strife, seeking life.
Life Seeker bound by fear, seek your purpose until it becomes clear.
As you go continue to grow, those things that you will learn,
please evaluate and discern.
Fear not others but rather fear yourself of the do's and don'ts,
for at accountability you are accountable for you.
As family unity's appearance showing signs of dissipation, reach
deep within for stength for increasing elevation, See God's work through you. And life goes on and on and the legacy is passed on.

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