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Writing Poems Of Crimson
VB ( / England)

Writing Poems Of Crimson

Do we take poems for granted,
Swish them out of a dream,
Or snatch them from reality,
When we write poems,
Do we, what do we do...

Do we consult topics,
Take them for an interview,
Whoever passes,
Gets a poem written,
Or do we threaten ideas,
Come or die...

Is it made up,
Nothing too real,
Maybe half and half,
Fiction and non-fiction,
What really happens
when we write...

Are ideas taken from heaven,
Or misery from hell,
Or an encyclopedia,
We would never know,
Maybe the internet,
Made up junk...

Do we trap ideas,
Force the light bulb to light,
Express the words feelings,
Reality or not,
Seduce the topic, make it up,
Force truths about the world,
To come pouring out...

Then write a poem,
Made up or not,
But if it isn't made up,
What happens to the trapped idea,
Exploited, crimson, fused, blood mess,
If it is made up, what happens,
The rest of the ideas...

Inside the topic there's also,
Blood, but of poetry statistics,
What happens, it leaks crimson,
The snatched ideas of gold,
Wasted, in writing poems of crimson,
Snatched from hell, heaven,

Swish them out of a dream,
Or snatch them from reality,

What do we do? ...

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