FEB (May 14,1953 / Pittsburgh, PA)

Writings From The 8th West Ward

what separates her from
the other patients is
she is not crazy
depressed and lonely
she knows the sooner
she begins to mingle
with them the sooner
she will be released

she tries to watch t.v.
in the recereation room
filled with zombie-eyed patients
gomer pyle is on the screen
making life seem more absurd
she can't stomach his supidity
and swiftly leaves the room

a man approaches her
telling her she looks
like she needs saving
or at the very least
someone to talk to
reluctently she tells
him of her guilt-ridden past
and she immediately feels
the burden lifted

later, she discovers
the reason he is a patient here
is he thinks he's jesus
she laughs for the
first time in months
then goes to the
beauty parlor on the ward
and has her hair done

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