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Written And Unwritten Rules

All professions have their own rules and regulations
Some professions have more unwritten than written rules
Do you hope to run for office one day?
Are you planning to get elected sometimes?
Or you are wondering about your re-election
Remember, there are written and unwritten rules
First, you must be a friendly and sociable person
You should be the approachable type
This means people feel comfortable talking to you
You must like all classes of people
Irrespective of their race, color of skin or religion
You must demonstrate true concern for people
This means you can put yourself in shoes of others
You must have honest feelings for people
Hypocrisy and insincerity will derail your plans
People must see you as a transparent individual
There should be accountability and responsibility
This means you must be answerable for all your deeds
You must be charitable and openhanded at all times
This means you must demonstrate generosity always
You must possess credibility and integrity
That means somebody who is believable and candid
People must perceive you as trustworthy and reliable
You must be a very persuasive speaker
An influential orator who can change peoples minds
You must have the ability to sell anything to anyone
Have power to convince others about your noble cause
You must show to the people you are their best choice
Considering an alternative will be an erroneous decision
Remember that your constituents come first
Good luck with your future plans

by Julius Babarinsa

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Here I was almost waiting for it to turn, I have yet to know a politician who was more then even a few of these things, their integrity is usually questionable, and their accountability...non-existant