MP (8-6-60 / Philipines)

Written For The World

How many roads must you travel
Before you find your way
How many lonely nights must you encounter
Before you see the light of day

Who really knows for certain
If there is a heaven or a hell
How many sins have you committed
How many lies did you tell

Life is a struggle
The pain lasts for a long while
But how much pain would it cause
If you suffered in silence but with a smile

Everyone is miserable about their life
Everyone is a crying clown
But please shout out your pain and misery
When I am far away and no longer around

Because I'm on a hunt
There is one thing I am after
I am running away from tears of sorrow
And running into the sound of laughter

No one seems to care about me
People have to many problems of their own
If given the choice to be part of a grieving family
Then I chose to be alone

No one cares if I live or die
No one cares if I no longer call
I suppose it would be better off
If I hadn't been born at all

But I was born and I'm alive
So why do I wish I was dead
Why must I take so many pills
To experience happiness in my head

But the pills are not working
But I keep getting more
Meanwhile I curse the world
That is outside my lonely door

Doctors and therapists
But nothing seems to change
But yet I have delusions
That the words I write will carry me to fame

But no one reads the words I write
They are just a private message to me
But one day I swear the words I write
Will be written for the world to see

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