Written In December 99

For far too long the Land of blood and tears
This conflict seems to have gone on for years
Though Yeltzin and Putin don't feel any shame
The Chechen rebels for this war they blame.

The capital of Chechnya Grozny is destroyed
And from the killer bombs few places left to hide
And death exploding from the Winter sky
In war the innocents are doomed to die.

Boris Yeltzin's career at an all time low
He should have resigned many years ago
A decade back he had his glorious hour
Now a sick and aged man he abuse his power.

The men of power from past mistakes don't learn
And right from wrong they find hard to discern,
How can you win a war when lives are lost
In human lives how can you count the cost?

In war torn cities after the bombs fall
The poor are those who suffer most of all,
The financially secure can live elsewhere
And the lack of money makes life seem unfair.

The Chechen poor of any hope despair
Yet Putin and Yeltzin don't seem to care
They give the orders destroy Grozny Town
And all night long the bombs keep raining down.

by Francis Duggan

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