Written In January 2001

When the old lady handed her a basket of flowers she caught Anne in a nasty mood
The so called Princess did not even thank her she only muttered something rude
And the disappointed Royal watcher was left there to choke back her tears
She surely deserved better treatment she had been a Royalist for years.

Just like her aunt Margaret and her own father Phillip Anne Windsor has a caustic tongue
And an excuse might be made for her had she been foolhardy and young
But with five decades of living behind her can she offer any excuse
For humiliating an aged gift bearer with her uncalled for verbal abuse?

There's one thing I can guarantee you and that is Anne Windsor will not insult me
For I won't be giving her flowers she's one I do not wish to see
Rude behaviour is not unusual from the British Royal family
Royal by name but not royal by nature at least that's how 'twould seem to be.

by Francis Duggan

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