Written In January 2002

The huge bush fires in the blue mountains fire fighters struggle to control
And on wild born creatures the flames have taken toll
Many roos, wallabies, koalas, wombats and possums have met with a painful death
These anti Nature arsonists may they live to regret

The consequences of their action and for their crimes may they pay
And may they remain in prison till they grow old and gray
They have destroyed miles of woodlands and burnt houses down
They must be out of their minds for to seek such ill renown?

Footage of the bush fires in the Blue Mountains I have watched on t v
And the blackened desolation a sickening sight to see
And the families who lost their homes deserve great sympathy
Due to the actions of the heartless pyromaniacs they are now in penury.

The bush fires in the Blue Mountains will live on in memory
As another tragic episode in human history
For they were the work of arsonists how stupid some men can be
Go lock them up in prison and throw away the key.

by Francis Duggan

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