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Written In March 99

The dogs of war are at it once again
On Yugoslavia inflicting more pain
Whilst Mr Bill Clinton and Tony Blair
Claim that NATO bombing is as always fair.

Slobodan Milosevic as we know is not a saint
And the media of him the worst picture paint
Behind his murderous armed forces he cower
And a fellow like him never should have power.

But NATO as peacemakers are a joke
As the use of violence more violence provoke
And the dispossessed their numbers only grow
As poor people flee their homes in Kosovo.

Only suffering comes from the barrel of a gun
And by bombs and bullets peace is never won
And love and harmony cannot be found
Where hatred is abundant all around.

The dogs of war are at it once again
And the men with power advantage try to gain
And thousands of dispossessed Kosovars every day
To refugee camps in bordering Countries make their way

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