To My Creator

At times when I feel distressed
Eternal-Love Lord! You expressed
When things are out of my hand
Came to my help with your heavenly band.

At times when I feel depressed
Your peace in my heart impressed
Impression of Your everlasting Love
Came thy spirit in the form of dove.

Make me Lord humble and meek
Your Heavenly-Love alone I seek
Mould me and give me a shape
In You alone O Lord! I’ve hope.

I am in Your hand as clay
Shape me O Lord! today.

by Stanislaus Ayyadurai

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janani Supper I love it 😃😊🏵
When Twitter came along a few years ago, the first thing I remembered was this poem from my childhood (the small birds twitter...)
My favorite poem
This poem is my favorite poem because in my english book there was also written