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Written In September 2001

A reign of terror in the morning sky
As into the buildings the hijacked planes did fly
Trapped people from the windows for help did cry
How come it is the innocents who always die?

A moment of destruction from the air
And an act of cowardice and callousness beyond compare
A despicable act carried out in Allah's name
Though I doubt that Allah condones acts of shame.

When the President vows it's an eye for an eye
One can only ponder on the question why?
How a so called good Christian such a thing could say
When revenge won't change what has happened yesterday.

Going by his words revenge will happen fast
But has he not learnt one thing from the past
That when his war planes will bomb cities far away
For the guilty it will be the innocents who will pay.

It has been said that Osama Bin Laden is to blame
But people like him don't have a sense of shame
A billionaire who is consumed by hate
The worst of karma on that man await.

Yet when I hear talk about this big pay back
I think again of what happened in Iraq
Where due to bombings and sanctions more than a million children have died
That Country by war has been totally destroyed.

More than a million children since nineteen ninety two
What harm to anybody did they do?
For the guilty with their young lives they have paid
Yet lessons not learned though mistakes have been made.

A callous act of cowardice from the morning sky
And again the innocents in their thousands condemned to die
And when I hear talk about this great pay back
I think again of what happened in Iraq.

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