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Written On A Wall At Woodstock
(1533-1603 / England)

Written On A Wall At Woodstock

Poem By Queen Elizabeth I

Oh Fortune, thy wresting wavering state
Hath fraught with cares my troubled wit,
Whose witness this present prison late
Could bear, where once was joy's loan quit.
Thou causedst the guilty to be loosed
From bands where innocents were inclosed,
And caused the guiltless to be reserved,
And freed those that death had well deserved.
But all herein can be nothing wrought,
So God send to my foes all they have thought.

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Posted on the wrong poem because of bouncing computer- -but I roped it and dragged it over here to the correct poem.This was said to be written on a wall or shutter while she was at house arrest during the reign of her half-sister, Mary I, at Woodstock in Oxfordshire. Apparently 16th century prisoners often wrote messages and poems on walls and shutters. She is piquing my interest.
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