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Written On Receiving A Letter From Mary Helen

Though she has lived for many years in and around New York
She still talks about Ireland and Millstreet County Cork
The Sraid A Mhuilin of her youth her happy youthful day
Killarney Road west of Millstreet and northern Claraghatlea.

The old friends are still dear to me that's what Mary H say
And memories of my happy youth will never fade away
I left for better livelihood and New York's been good to me
But there's more to life than financial gain or so 'twould seem to be.

The crime rate in New York is high and human life is taken cheap
You lock your doors all day and night and in locked bedroom you sleep
You don't venture out after dark too great a chance to take
For success and financial gain some sacrifice to make.

Back home in Millstreet County Cork no need to lock the door
And no fear of walking darkened road from Millstreet towards Rathmore
We left our Homeland Ireland we took the swallow's choice
And for higher standard of living we chose to pay the price.

The nostalgia expressed by migrant Irish people by most misunderstood
We leave our Homeland Ireland for better livelihood
And Mary Helen's words re-echo the thoughts of migrant race
The yearning to return again and live in old Homeplace.

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