Written Upon The Rocks At Tunbridge,

Hither, amongst the Crouds, that shun
The smoaky Town, and sultry Sun,
In cooling Springs to seek for Health,
Or throw away superfluous Wealth,
A Native of Hibernia came,
Thus writ her Thoughts, but not her Name.

Hither the Britons, void of Care,
A happy, free--born Race, repair:
Whilst I, who feel a diff'rent Fate,
Lament my Country's wretched State;
The pitying Rocks return my Lays,
Just Emblem of the barren Bays.

Thus far -- When, lo! the God of Wit,
Who slightly glanc'd on what was writ,
Suspend, he cries, thy Cares a--while;
My Sackville soon shall bless your lsle:
No longer talk of barren Bays;
Remember, 'tis a Dorset sways.

by Mary Barber

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