The Poems Are All I Have Now


The poems are all I have now-

They are small
As my soul.

They tell what I am inside.
But do they have Beauty?

I write these words now
With the hope that they will be
They probably are not.

by Shalom Freedman

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Ooops, my computer bounces around while I type. This comment was for the preceding poem. I admit that I like the idea of this being etched into a window pane by a royal diamond. Lots of graffiti is written in prison cells- -very few with a diamond! !
This was said to be written on a wall or shutter while she was at house arrest during the reign of her half-sister, Mary I, at Woodstock in Oxfordshire. Apparently 16th century prisoners often wrote messages and poems on walls and shutters. She is piquing my interest.
I will not lie, but I did not understand this poem, I'm still finding my feet in poetry you see