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Wrong Number
TD (12/6/41 to? / Amersham, Buckinghamshire)

Wrong Number

Poem By Terry Donovan

'Is that you? '
I said 'Who? '
She said 'You'
I said 'Me? '
She said 'Yes'
I said ' Well I don't know,
It's me that is true
But when you say you,
Are you just having a guess? '
She said 'Why? '
I said 'Well
I am sure you can tell
That whoever I am, I am me,
But am I the you
You want to talk to,
Whoever that person may be? '
She said 'Oh! I don't know,
I was hoping so,
Your number's the one I've got here'
She was only a child,
I said 'Praps you misdialled'
She said 'Me? '
I said 'Yes'
She said 'Oh'
She was silent and then
I said 'try it again'
She said 'What? '
I said making your call'
And then before long'
'She said oh - I dialled wrong! .
I'm sorry, I do feel a fool'.
I said, being kind,
'That's ok never mind'
She said 'Thanks'
I said 'Fine'
She said 'Well,
I'd better hang up,
I've got a sick pup,
I was phoning the vet, Mr. Bell'.
So she put down the phone.
I just stood there alone
And then the darned thing rang once more
And a voice that I knew
Said 'Hello is that You? '
I said 'Who? '
Cos now I was really unsure.
She said 'Darling it's me'
And that filled me with glee,
I said 'Sweetheart, this is me, too'.
She said 'I know
And I do love you so'
I said 'really?
Cos I love you too.'
Then she told me lots more,
And I just said 'Cor! '
And so it went on through the night,
Cos you just can't retire
With love on the wire
And I knew she'd got my number right.

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quite amusing...i enjoyed the read